We are a research team at the School of Business and Law at the Univeristy of Agder, currently working on a project regarding agile project management. We are researching when it is suitable to use agile management methods, and to what extent. In order to complete the research, we have constructed a questionnaire. It takes about 5-7 minutes to complete, and the link can be found here:

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In recent years, it has been suggested that the agile project management methods are more efficient than the traditional approaches when it comes to achieving project success. The agile methods do, in contrast to the traditional approaches, focus less on initial planning, and attempt to uphold a more flexible scope. For organizations operating in more innovative industries, with high volatility, the agile methods have proven to be suitable solutions for project management. However, even though the agile methods are argued to increase the chances of project success, they do not necessarily always prove to be the most suited methods to apply for all organizations. 

To this day, several researches have been conducted regarding traditional and agile project management methods separately. However, there are limited researches on combining tools and techniques from both methods. An interesting topic to explore is whether the agile methods can be applied to some degree, or if it is a matter of binarity, meaning that you can only fully apply one method.


The aim of this study is to explore the main factors that make agile project management suitable, and determine to what extent the agile methods are applied in projects.


The data collected in this study is for scientific purposes only. All data is anonymized, and no personal information regarding you or the company you work for will be exposed in any way.


If you have any questions regarding this study, you are more than welcome to contact us on e-mail:
Scientific director: Andreas Wald (Professor) – andreas.wald@uia.no
Researcher: Anine Andresen (Master Student) – aninea14@student.uia.no
Researcher: Shanga Mohammad (Master Student) – shangm15@student.uia.no