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When: September 16, 11:00 a.m. to Noon Central


I2PD – A Means to Plan and Execute Capital Projects as Part of COVID-19 Economic Response

Time is of the essence to relaunch the global economy, and I2PD is ideal for rapid planning and execution

COVID-19 has had a great impact on the world’s economy in addition to the health impacts. As governments and business look to recover from the severe economic impact and job losses caused by the pandemic, they will turn to capital improvement projects, which offer a viable solution to stimulate the economy, increase employment, and allow for future growth.

Industrial Integrated Project Delivery, or I2PD, is a project delivery method that uses high levels of collaboration and integration in the development, design, and construction phases of an industrial project. Research has shown that highly integrated projects can be delivered with faster processing times. Significantly faster delivery times paired with improved quality allow projects to swiftly advance through the development and design phases to the construction phase without compromising the quality of the project and allowing more certainty in the achievement of business objectives.

This webinar will present I2PD as a project delivery method and explain why it is a good candidate to be used to swiftly plan and execute capital projects to aid in relaunching the global economy after COVID-19.


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